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About Us

About Us

Mansi Chemicals, established in the year 2000, is the manufacturer and exporter of solvent dyes.In a short span of time, we have earned excellent response from the customers for the quality of our products, consistent supply and excellent commercial services. Mansi Chemicals is a part of Meghmani group companies, which is recognized as a leading manufacturer of Phthalocyanine Pigments, Carbazole Pigments, Reactive Dyes and Agro Chemicals, Solvent Dyes. Excellent customer care is the tradition, which has resulted in the growth of the Meghmani group of companies.

Product Range

We are the manufacturer and exporter of the following solvent dyes:

C. I. Solvent Red 132C. I. Solvent Yellow 62C. I. Solvent Yellow 82
C. I. Solvent Yellow 90Golden YellowC. I. Solvent Orange 54
C. I. Solvent Orange 58C. I. Solvent Orange 62C. I. Solvent Orange 99
C. I. Solvent Red 8C. I. Solvent Red 89C. I. Solvent Red 119
C. I. Solvent Red 122C. I. Solvent Red 127C. I. Solvent Black 27
C. I. Solvent Black 29C. I. Solvent Black 34C. I. Solvent Blue 48
Royal BlueCadbury VioletBrown 2RM
Dark Brown 5RGreen GLGreen BL

At Mansi Chemicals,we follow the tradition of giving top priority to the customers by supplying the products of international quality, by providing speedy delivery and maintaining consistency in the quality of  products from batch to batch.

The engineers and professionals of the company have in-depth experience to manufacture a superior product line. The manufacturing unit is endowed with proactive quality culture and are backed by lab support from group companies. The team members have complete dedication to the policy of winning and retaining customers and making them feel as a part of the company.


Among wide range of applications, some are:

Applications of Mansi Solvent Dyes

Flexografic and Gravure Inks
1. For Printing Packing of Aluminum Foil

2. Metalised Polyester Film
3. Cellophone and Glassine Paper

Transparent Coatings For
1. Aluminium foil
2. Metalised Polyester Film
3. PVC PET and Other Plastic Films
4. Cellophone and Glassine Paper
Stationery Inks
1.Permanent Marker Inks
2. Ball Point Pen Inks
3. Felt Tip Pen Inks
Leather Dyeing and Colouring
1. Spray Colouring
2. Dip Dyeing (Solvent or Water Based)
Colouring Metallic Yarn
1. Anodised aluminium and plastic such as cellulose nitrate,    cellulose acetate & polyester resin.
Colouration of Acetate Films
Mass Colouration of Acetate Fibres
1. General Industrial Paints
2. Transparent Tin Lacqueres
3. Automotive Refinished Paints
4. Baking Enamels
Two Tone Lacqers for PVC Footware PVC Leather Cloth-Flims and sheets.
Other Usages
1.Shoe Polish
2. Dying in Foamed Polymers
3. Lubricant
Colouring Hot Stamping Foils
Wood Stains (Wood Gloss finish)
Colour Lacquer

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Contact Us

Plot No. 273/1/2, Phase-II, GIDC, Vatva, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 382445, India
Phone :+918035939300